With Secure Drive Personal Driver Service it is relaxed and safe to go out at night, have fun and drink with friends or clients.
  • “Don’t drink and drive”! It is simple as that. Moreover if you don’t like to give your car keys to someone you don’t know, pay for carpark, it’s time to call Secure Drive and our driver can take you from home, get you where you want and wait for nearby until you are ready to go home.
  • You have guests but you don’t have time to be with them all the time. Call us and our personal driver will escort your guests all the time.
  • You’re busy and someone from your family had to be driven to somewhere. Call us, we will drive them safely.
  • You seldom need a car but you don’t want to hassle with car or taxis. Call us and we will take you anywhere you want. And wait there till you’re done.
  • We provide specially trained drivers with insurance and VERY reasonable prices.

  • Remember that each night around 100 drivers lose their driving license because of alcohol and pay around 700 TL for offence. With prices starting from 126 TL, we provide a relaxed and safe drive for you and your family or guests.

    Secure Drive
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